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Long before The CW dominated four nights of the week with their superhero lineup, the network produced Smallville, a show that told the story of Superman's early years. Fast forward fifteen years and it looks like The CW could move full circle with the development of a solo Superman show, following Tyler Hoechlin's recent stint on Supergirl.

This week, Tyler Hoechlin explained that the Arrowverse's Superman was initially designed purely as a supporting character for his cousin, Supergirl. Rather than explore once again how Clark Kent eventually evolves into Superman, the focus was redirected to position him as a mentor to Kara.

Check out the Kryptonian cousins teaming up in the Season 2 premiere of Supergirl:

During a screening of Supergirl's latest episode, the former Teen Wolf star explained to reporters that:

"The role of [Superman] coming into this, for me, from the very beginning, was to support her... There was never an intention for this to be about him. It’s always about her. It’s called Supergirl, and Melissa has done such a great job. For him, it’s always about building her up and being there to impart wisdom when he can and support her when he can, but in no way try to make her feel like she’s not capable of doing anything that he could do."

While Tyler Hoechlin's version of Superman is only scheduled to appear in two episodes of Supergirl for now, the fan response has been overwhelmingly positive. The warm reception has led many to speculate whether the CW would consider casting the Man of Steel in his own spinoff show.

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg was understandably reticent to confirm that a Superman show is officially in the pipeline, but it certainly sounds like Hoechlin could star in his own venture soon if these words are anything to go by;

"I’m not going to sit here and say that there’s never going to be a world in which there is a Superman TV show and that Tyler’s going to star in it," Kreisberg told reporters. "I don’t know what the future holds. But right now, that’s not our focus. Right now, we’re working on Supergirl, which is the flagship, and working on a way for Tyler to reprise the role is really what our focus is on Supergirl right now."

Check out our first glimpse of Tyler Hoechlin in spandex below:

The majority of fans may be overjoyed at the prospect that Hoechlin could headline his own show in the future, myself included, but there's a few reasons why this might not happen for some time:

1) The CW already air four superhero shows each week — would five be too many to juggle?

2) The Supergirl creators may be reluctant to draw focus away from the Maid of Steel, particularly as the show has been given a new lease of life following its debut on the CW.

3) Finally, DC as a whole may be hesitant to divert the focus away from Henry Cavill's version of Superman on the big screen. Admittedly, the studio seem to have no issue with casting two versions of The Flash in solo projects.

See also:

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Whether you think that Tyler Hoechlin's Man of Steel deserves his own show or not, it's commendable that the CW are bringing DC Comics to life in such a cohesive way, enabling us to relive iconic moments such as this iconic cover from Crisis On Infinite Earths above. The MCU and DCEU may be working hard to develop their own cinematic universes, but we can't help wondering whether they'll ever come close to matching the CW's execution.


Do you think Tyler Hoechlin's version of Superman deserves his own show?

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