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The CW is widely considered to be the home of some of the greatest superhero shows on TV. Since 2012, the network has produced four live-action DC Comics shows (with a fifth one on the way) as well as two animated spinoffs (with a third one on the way).

As the Arrowverse shows have brought in record ratings for them, it's no surprise that they annually unite them for an epic crossover. Whether you're a fan of , , or , you can't help but tune in when the heroic shows meet in the specials. And as the anticipation grows for this year's "Crisis On Earth-X," the network has released a brand new promo for the event. Check it out below:

While the promo is indeed very brief, it does give us some insight into what we should expect from the crossover. The Green Arrow can be seen leading The Flash, Supergirl, Legends' White Canary Sara Lance and Supergirl's Alex Danvers down the corridor of S.T.A.R. Labs — an Earth-1 location. Given the title of the event, it's likely that the vast majority of it will take place on Earth-X itself, but it seems like Earth-1's will once again be doing the recruiting, instead of Earth-38's Supergirl.

It's also pretty cool that we get to see Alex on Earth-1. The character had previously been absent from all of Supergirl's inter-Earth crossovers, so it will be nice to see her interact with characters from Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow.

In what will be The CW's fourth annual crossover between its Arrowverse shows, it seems like the network is continuing the tradition of making each one bigger. While Supergirl herself did participate in last year's event, the show's characters did not. Thus, it seems like Team Arrow, Team Flash and the Legends are pulling out all the stops to overcome the Crisis on Earth-X.

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