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With the CW's superhero shows set to make their returns in the coming weeks, anticipation couldn't be higher for the upcoming seasons. With Arrow returning to its darker roots, The Flash entering uncharted territory with the Flashpoint timeline, the Legends Of Tomorrow taking their rightful place as time-masters and Supergirl set to join them on the network, it's a great time to be a comic book fan. But perhaps the most highly anticipated aspect is the upcoming three night, four show crossover that will bring all the heroes together as they unite against a major threat. And now we finally know who that threat is — the Dominators.

The Dominators are coming to the 'Arrow-verse'!
The Dominators are coming to the 'Arrow-verse'!

Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that they were "taking inspiration from a DC crossover from the late 1980s known as Invasion!, which featured an alien race called the Dominators, who’d previously vexed the Legion of Superheroes." With this exciting news, let's take a look at the source material and find out who the Dominators really were, and why they may be the biggest threat the Arrow-verse has ever seen.

Who Are The Dominators?

The Dominators are a technologically advanced alien race from the outer cosmos of the DC Universe. The creatures — known collectively as the Dominion — live in a rigid hierarchical society, in which their caste is determined by the size of the red circle on their forehead. So the bigger the circle, the more superior they were.

The size of the red circle on their head determined their social status (via DC).
The size of the red circle on their head determined their social status (via DC).

They debuted back in 1967 in Adventure Comics Issue 361 as villains of the 30th Century who fought a long war against the United Planets — the United Nations of the Universe. And it's because of this that they continually ended up against the Legion of Superheroes. Shockingly, they even managed to take control of the Earth Government after a Galaxy-wide economic collapse before eventually losing it after a series of their attacks backfired.

While they would would feature in more 30th Century-based comics, it was their introduction into the 20th century during the Invasion! arc that really solidified them as a major threat.

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Why They Should Be Considered Dangerous

The Dominators (via DC).
The Dominators (via DC).

The Dominators may not be the most well-known antagonists in DC Comics history, but they are definitely among the most dangerous. Aside from the fact that their evil aliens, they are also master geneticists who can manipulate the metagene — a gene in the human species which activates during times of physical stress, giving the person superpowers — to enhance members of their own race.

In fact, in the Invasion! comics, they were the primary race behind the Alien Alliance's attack on Earth, fearing the growing genetic potential of humanity thanks to all the superheroes who possessed the metagene and thus, they intended to harness the gene and breed their own race of metahumans. They put up one hell of a fight during the iconic crossover arc which saw the Legion of Superheroes, Justice League International and Omega Men all coming together for the event. Sound familiar huh?

The Dominators were obsessed with recreating the metagene for their own species (via DC).
The Dominators were obsessed with recreating the metagene for their own species (via DC).

Aside from that, they also happen to look incredibly frightening and are known for their yellow skin, squinting eyes, huge sharp teeth, long fingernails and of course, that red circle on their foreheads. On that note, it's common knowledge that some are skeptical of television's ability to pull off convincing-looking monsters, but Guggenheim assured us that the Dominators will look every bit as frightening as their comic book counterparts when he stated:

"We’re using cutting edge prosthetics and computer effects to achieve a feature film-quality look which is faithful to 'Invasion!' artist Todd McFarlane’s interpretation of the characters.”

If they truly end up looking like they do in Invasion!, I know I won't be watching it alone!

What Could Their Role Be In The Crossover?

We have known for a while now that one major unifying threat would be responsible for bringing the shows together. And while we knew it wouldn't be a problem bringing the Green Arrow, the Flash and the time-traveling inhabitants of the Waverider together because they've done it before — it was Supergirl who intrigued us. After all, she resides on a different earth where aliens exist.

So while it's possible that the Dominators could show up on her Earth, the most likely option is that they'll arrive in the Arrow-verse. And who better for Barry to call for backup than his own alien buddy herself — Supergirl. Yep, that's right you heard me — we might have freaking aliens in the Arrow-verse!

Superfriends reunited: Barry and Kara will be back together again!
Superfriends reunited: Barry and Kara will be back together again!

Furthermore, we might see more heroes coming together to stop them. Let's not forget that in the comics, the Dominators have had run-ins in the 30th Century with Mon-El, who has just crash-landed in Supergirl this season. Perhaps he could be bringing a warning of their impending arrival? Moreover, the alien race has also had issues with rivals the Legion of Superheroes — who are rumored to turn up in Legends sometime this year.

But all of these metahumans should watch their backs, if the Dominators channel their comic book counterparts, we could see them attempting to steal the heroes' superpowers for themselves. And it's because of this, we may even see villains teaming up with the superheroes to stop the threat. With actress Katie Cassidy returning for Arrow's 100th episode — which also happens to be the show's crossover episode — we may also see the villainous Black Siren facing off against the aliens.

With a shared universe crawling with metahumans, the Dominators would have plenty of opportunities to attempt to harness the metagene for themselves. Thus, this may be the primary reason for their arrival — and I can't wait to see how it comes to pass!

Legends of the Arrow-verse: The Dominators will have these heroes to deal with (via The CW).
Legends of the Arrow-verse: The Dominators will have these heroes to deal with (via The CW).

If the Dominators do show up in the Arrow-verse, it's likely that we may see something similar to the pilot of the Justice League animated series where the world's respective heroes unite to stop the alien invasion. Be warned: The Dominators do not come in peace and have caused an unimaginable amount of destruction in the comics, who knows what they'll be capable of here.

But whatever happens, we can rest assured knowing that the Girl of Steel will be on hand to assist the Flash, the Green Arrow and the Legends of Tomorrow in taking down the Dominon. And what a battle it's going to be!

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Are you excited to see the first ever live-action adaptation of the Dominators? Let us know in the comments below!

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