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It's not easy being a superhero; it's actually difficult and it takes a lot of work to make everything happen. However, we all need to blow off some steam from time to time, especially those devoted to saving the world... With that in mind, here are 13 times 's superheroes shared some goofy behind-the-scenes moments on their Instagram showing us the fun side of !

1. That Time Franz Drameh Found The Perfect Hiding Spot

I'm sure no bad guy will spot him in there.

2. When Killing Time Became A Vocal Rehearsal

What are these sounds? cast know how to entertain themselves (and sometimes annoy other cast mates).

3. That Time When Failed at Filters

And (a.k.a. Iris West) was very entertained. The Flash cast reminds us that Snapchat is better with friends.

4. When Forgot He's A Villain

And went after the girl.

5. And When Candice Found The Not-So-Perfect Chair

I'm not sure which is funnier, the laugh in the video or Patton on that chair. The Internet wouldn't be the same place without this.

6. When Had A Dancing Session

Because dancing is fun and dancing in a superhero suit is even better. Drameh (a.k.a. ) keeps it light .

7. That Time When Caity Lotz Would Not Get The Answer She Wanted

Come on people! The answer is Sara Lance, a.k.a. ! It's not that hard...

8. Or That Time Jeremy Jordan Realized He Was Being Recorded

Remember, nowhere is safe (if your friend has a device capable of video recording, i.e. a phone).

9. That Time When Mehcad Brooks Was A Major Tease

Mehcad Brooks will not leave Jordan alone. Not only does he not let him get his 2-minute shoulders, but he's also teasing him about his wardrobe.

10. That When Time You Get To Play With A New Toy

Superheroes like toys as well.

11. That Time When The Flash Had A Need For Speed

Damn, he's cruising at speeds never heard of before.

12. Or That Time When Stephen Amell Wanted An Almond Milk Latte

I don't know about you, but I think going to Starbucks in 's suit is a great idea.

13. Oh, And That Time Cast Had The Best Moves

The Flash cast got the moves.

Feeling impatient? Check out The Flash promo below:

The CW returns in 2017 with Supergirl kicking off the new year on January 23, The Flash and The Legends of Tomorrow (new night) following on January 24, and last but not least, Arrow on January 25.


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