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It was announced back in February that Disney would be adding a brand new location to their Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California. To the delight of fans, it was revealed that that location would be dedicated to anything and everything Star Wars.

To build our excitement for the D23 Expo, Disney Parks and Lucasfilm made an announcement regarding the newest addition to the park. released on its Youtube channel a teaser depicting what what 'Star Wars' Land is set to look like.

Meanwhile, the folks over at released images on their Twitter, similar to what is seen in the video.

Disney also released an image on their Disney D23 Twitter, with a picture of their own.

The announcement and release of these images came right in time for Disney's annual Expo in California. However, those who are lucky enough to attend the convention will be able to see the displays in person, and get a better look into how things will turn out.

Star Wars Land is aiming for a 2019 opening date, and is set to be 14 acres big—a considerable size, and it just goes to show how creative and efficient the Disney Parks Imagineer team is. However it may be hard for some to contain their excitement for when this does come out.

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