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Now that Wonder Woman has finally made her big screen debut, little kids everywhere have a unique and amazing they can look up to in the . And with the Amazon champion's long overdue solo film set to be released in theaters this summer, I expect the character's already impressive cultural impact to expand exponentially.

As a result of 's well received performance as Diana Prince in , I'd say it's a safe bet that we'll see plenty of Wonder Woman armor on display during this year. But one dad went out of his way to make sure his 3-year-old looked among the best in the Amazon warrior's movie costume design. With a lot of love and effort, he succeeded in spades.

Feel free to grin and heartily laugh with glee. Because really, there's no way anyone can deny that this little badass looks both adorably cute and absolutely fierce as a miniaturized Wonder Woman. Just look at that photo!

Josh Rossi, a commercial photographer, spent roughly two months preparing and planning his daughter's Wonder Woman photoshoot. He worked closely with McGrew Studios — a production design company based in Salt Lake City — to create a custom, handcrafted leather costume that is about as movie accurate as it gets. Here's a closer look:

Then, in a totally legit photoshoot replete with proper lighting equipment and a makeup artist, Rossi aimed to recreate iconic imagery from Batman v Superman and the upcoming Wonder Woman solo film. The photos really showcase his daughter owning it up as The Amazon Princess, and after a little photoshop magic, she really did become a tiny Wonder Woman. Her battle cry looks ferocious!

All in all, Rossi dropped around $1500 for the custom costume and props to make his daughter's dream of becoming Wonder Woman a reality — totally worth it. In an Instagram post teasing this photo project to his followers, Rossi wrote:

My 3-year-old daughter is obsessed with Wonder Woman so being a good dad/commercial photographer I had to do [something] about it.

This photoshoot sure was something! My hat's off to you, Josh Rossi. You are one awesome dad for pulling this project off. No doubt his daughter will remember and cherish the experience of becoming Wonder Woman forever.

Rossi also put together a behind-the-scenes feature that documented the experience. If you're short on your "Aww!" quota for the day, this video will definitely fill that right up:

Be sure to check out the rest of the furiously cute photos from the shoot below. They're kind of the best.

Can you spot the similarities to the scenes in the trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman solo film?

What are your Halloween costume ideas for this year?

[Source: Fulltime Photographer]


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