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Over the weekend, Marvel released the second teaser for the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Oh, what a treat we’re in for. The comedy is back as well as (ahem) stellar visual effects and wicked creature design. What can one expect from the director of Slither?

James Gunn can do no wrong in my eyes. Actually that’s not true; there is one aspect of this film that may (at least on the surface) be a misfire. It is widely known that Kurt Russell will play Ego the Living Planet and father of Peter Quill(a.k.a. Starlord). But there is another cosmic entity that I think would fit the bill perfectly.

Obviously, I’m talking about Star Fox.

No, not the video game character.

Check out the teaser here:

Star Fox Is Already In The Marvel Stable

Image via Marvel Comics. Art by Greg Horn
Image via Marvel Comics. Art by Greg Horn

Recently, it was revealed that in order to use Ego the Living Planet in GotG Vol. 2, Marvel had to make a trade with Fox to use the character. I know very little about the legalities of such a trade but the gist I got was that in order to use Ego, Marvel had to allow to change Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s powers for the Deadpool film. Now, again, I’m no corporate lawyer, but if you already had use of the character why would you need to make a trade so that you could change said characters powers? Another confusing bit is that this gave hope to fans that a deal could be struck between both studios a la the Sony deal that allows Spider-Man to be in Marvel films. This was quickly dashed a few days afterward by Kevin Feige. You do good work Kevin, but you rained on my parade with this one, buddy.

Star Fox Fits The Larger Narrative

Image via Marvel Comics. Art by Ron Lim.
Image via Marvel Comics. Art by Ron Lim.

OK, bear with me on this one, folks. Peter Quill's mother describes his father to him on her deathbed. A touching scene to be sure, but let’s analyze this a bit further. He was “an angel…composed out of pure light.” Now obviously, Star Fox in the comics is hardly an angel and certainly not made of pure light; however, he is Thanos’s brother. Thanos, who is said to be absent from this outing, could be drawn back to the Guardians' attention by seeking his brother out for some reason. Star-Lord already gave the infinity stone to the Nova Corps, so there’s no need for him to cross paths with them again until the next Avengers flick. Star Fox could keep the home fires burning in the Thanos department as well as give some emotional punch when the two Titans finally do meet.

Kurt Russell Plays An Excellent, Old Pervert

'Death Proof' [Credit: Dimension Films]
'Death Proof' [Credit: Dimension Films]

Kurt Russell has made a career out of playing a certain type of character. Jack Burton and Snake Plissken are shining examples of over-the-top personalities that would easily translate into laughs on the big screen. Hell, Gabriel Cash is a prime example of the Kurt Russell charm. (Sylvester Stallone’s as yet unnamed role is sure to please. ) For those that saw Grindhouse, we have seen Russell play the old creeper type. Now perhaps a cinematic version of Star Fox should be played more for laughs, especially in a GotG flick. I’m just saying we’ve seen a version of the creepy elements of Star Fox in the comics and Russell has proven his ability to play it.

Final Thoughts

looks like it will give us more of what we expect from the first film amped up to eleven. The first film came out of the gate and shattered expectations. I expect no less from this and the sequels yet to come.

And just for fun, here's the first teaser:


Do you think Star Fox should have been Star-Lord's father?

What do you think of this choice? Sound off in the comments!


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