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The Battle of the Two Queens is coming, and it's time to declare your allegiance. Make sure you're on the right side of this schism. Declare your devotion to with this tiny action figure that looks so much like it's uncanny.

Daenerys Action Figure [Credit: Three Zero Store]
Daenerys Action Figure [Credit: Three Zero Store]

The figurine from the Three Zero Store stands 10.2 inches tall, and has PVC skin on her arms and torso — which means on a scale of realness from Barbie to Westworld, she's somewhere in the middle.

She comes with three sets of detachable hands so that she can grip Kraznys's whip, or cast it aside, as she sees fit. She's sporting a blue tunic with pants underneath and some gray boots that are as practical as they are stylish. She also comes with a cloak to protect herself from drafts on the Narrow Sea. And when she finally hits Westeros, she can strap on her upper body armor and trendy choker and take back those Seven Kingdoms like the badass she truly is.

Daenerys Action Figure [Credit: Three Zero Store]
Daenerys Action Figure [Credit: Three Zero Store]

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But wait — where are her dragons?! Fear not. Who would dare separate Khaleesi from her beloved Drogon? Certainly not the nice people over at the Three Zero Store, which is why they've included a tiny Drogon figure made of resin to fly alongside his mother. And for a limited time, if you pre-order from Three Zero themselves, you'll get a tiny Rhaegal and Viserys as well, including one perch for a tired dragon to rest on.

Currently, the mini-Daenerys is only available for pre-order. According to the website, she'll be available in the third quarter of 2017, so if all goes well, she'll be sailing into your mailbox around the same time sails back onto your TV.


Don't you think the likeness between this action figure and the real Emilia Clarke is crazy similar?

(Source: Three Zero Store)


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