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Here's a fact: Every person on the planet, including people who've don't even like Game of Thrones, have serious envy when it comes to Daenerys' hair. Even your dad. Even your bald neighbor, Steve. Especially Steve.

But while Daenerys' braided silver locks may dominate many a Pinterest board, few people have looked beyond the intricate style to question the hidden meaning. And in classic Daenerys style, the Mother of Dragons' hair holds some badass secrets.

A Hairstyle With A History

Thought Daenerys was too busy plotting to take over the world to spend so much time doing her hair each morning? Think again. For Daenerys, those braids are an important part of her fierce reputation.

Way back in Season 1, Daenerys caught her abusive jerk of a brother off-guard when she shot him down with a little Dothraki Culture 101. She told Viserys that there's no way the likes of him would be permitted to braid his hair like their Dothraki allies, as braids were a symbol of victories — and he didn't have a single one to his name.

As Daenerys' journey has progressed, we've seen her sport more and more braids each season; a proud marker of the battles she's won (basically, all of them):

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO/@gameoftthroness._ Instagram]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO/@gameoftthroness._ Instagram]

Besides illustrating how Viserys is completely unwilling to assimilate into new cultures, Daenerys schooling her brother on Dothraki customs was a subtle hint to the viewer to keep a close eye on her hair (like we needed another reason to).

Unfortunately, back in Season 1 most of us were too busy scrambling to remember who the hell all these characters were to focus on Chekov's guns in the form of hair styles.

But Wait, There's More

Not too long ago, a Game of Thrones Instagram fan account posted a screenshot of another conversation between Viserys and his sister from Season 1. Apparently he wasn't completely ignorant, because he did know that in Dothraki culture, long hair signified a warrior was undefeated.

Just like her late husband, Daenerys also continued to grow her hair to impressive lengths as she celebrated victory after victory:

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO/@queendaenerys Instagram]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO/@queendaenerys Instagram]

This would perhaps explain why Emilia Clarke is now sporting shorter, bleach-blond hair herself. She just lost one of her beloved dragons to the Army of the Dead — a significant defeat. It wouldn't be unusual to see her chop off her ponytail in shame.

So next time you decide to bust out the YouTube tutorials and sport a few Daenerys-inspired braids, stop and ask yourself: Have I earned this hairstyle? Have I slain enough enslavers? Does my hair game match my reputation as a fierce warrior?

Do you think Daenerys will get a haircut in Game of Thrones Season 8?


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