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Superhero films are big business, and a lot of experienced Hollywood actors are trying to break into them. 12-year-old Dafne Keen had no such problems; her acting career was launched with this year's , arguably the moodiest and most raw superhero movie of all time. What's more, just this week she and co-star Hugh Jackman received the MTV Award for 'Best Duo' and Keen gave the whole world a swell of joy as she excitedly upstaged the veteran actor.

Now, though, it seems that is about to start branching out. She's just gotten her next big Hollywood role.

Dafne Keen Lands The Starring Role In Ana

Hopefully launching another winning partnership, the young Keen is teaming up with Luis Guzman in the movie . She's taken on the titular role, with Guzman playing a down-on-his-luck stranger named Rafa. According to Deadline, the two will form an odd friendship that finds them embarking on a roadtrip to save Rafa from bankruptcy.

The dynamic between the two characters is sure to be very different than the one we saw in Logan. Guzman is known from playing everything from comedic roles to darker, more villainous ones, so we can expect a pretty intriguing relationship.

The script is written by Chris Cole (best known for political thriller Mad Dogs), and he's teaming up with Charles McDougal (House of Cards). This will be the second time Cole and McDougall have worked together under Luillo Ruiz’s Pimienta Film Company, so they're clearly becoming something of a well-established team. Ruiz, who's clearly excited about the project, told Deadline:

"In Ana, these two extraordinary actors will take us on a profound and enthralling journey. Guzman and Keen will make a mesmerizing combo."

No doubt he's on the money with that prediction; Keen has already proven herself to be a remarkable child star, and is sure to play her part with skill. Adding the experience of to the film is a stroke of genius, guaranteeing that the film's central character dynamic will be sure to draw in audiences. For Dafne Keen this adds another string to her bow. While she's sure to return to Fox for more X-Men movies soon, in the meantime she's clearly intending to explore unique opportunities whenever she can.

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