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From the looks of the latest Daily Bugle viral article, Max Dillon () is about to join Dr. Octopus in the league of supervillains created by misguided attempts to produce a renewable energy source.

The Daily Bugle Tumblr recently posted up an article outlining the debate behind the construction of the new Hydroelectric Towers in New York City. Apparently the citizens of the Big Apple are concerned that the Oscorp enterprise could end up destroying the entire city (because that's what we need, even more scare-mongering about clean, renewable energy...) Anyway, check out the article below:

Despite the outraged cries of protesters that have dogged the project since its inception, Oscorp Industries is set to flip the switch on the construction of an experimental hydroelectric power plant that could reshape New York’s power landscape.

"What do you want me to say? That this is a bad idea? Oh, you do? Fine. This is a bad idea," said average New York taxi driver, Mike Lortz when asked his thoughts about the power plant.

A wave of the Mayor's pen on Resolution 2013.2.C4A was enough to signify the end of months of legal maneuvering, bureaucratic red tape, and political wrangling.

Norman Osborn was unavailable for comment, leaving company spokesman Donald Menken to succinctly sum up the announcement, "Oscorp’s patented 'free-flow' power grid design will power the entire city for the next 20 years."

Though fears of an impending city-destroying catastrophe are running high, Oscorp's stock still managed to climb after a week of tumultuous trading.

Of course, speculation is running rife that this 'catastrophe waiting to happen' could be what imbues Max Dillon (AKA Electro) with his shocking powers.

(Source: The Daily Bugle Tumblr via Comic Book Movie)

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