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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Vice Vice President: In the hit Netlix series he had to vet for Vice President - now is again set to appear as the Vice President's confidante and the Chief Steward of his mansion in TNT's upcoming drama pilot Agent X, a series about America's first female Vice-President and her secret weapon, codenamed X. McRaney also reappears in his former role in House of Cards Season 2.

Wife of Pride: NCIS New Orleans spinoff has cast as the wife of 's Agent Pride. Should the series get a full season order, she is expected to recur throughout the entire run.

Kumar goes to Battle: Harold & Kumar's will be reunited with House's , with whom he worked on over 40 episodes of the hit medical drama. The series, Battle Creek, is about the relationship of two FBI investigators working to clean up the streets of Battle Creek, Michigan. However, the men have extremely opposing worldviews, and time will tell which one wins out.

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