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Though quit Instagram not so long ago due to the amount of hateful comments she was receiving, social media isn't entirely deprived of her characteristic cheerfulness. On Facebook, she shares a lovely picture every so often, and obviously she reacted to the title reveal for Star Wars: Episode VIII.

With a movie as shrouded in mystery as , the long-awaited news finally gave us a little bit of insight into what the plot might be about — though it seems like knowing the title has generated as many new questions as it has answered. Is it one Jedi? Several? Is Luke the last Jedi, and does that mean Rey isn't going to put her skill with the Force to use like we expected? The list goes on.

Daisy Ridley Reacted To The Title Reveal Just Like We All Did

Whatever your theory is about the meaning of the new title, the one reaction we probably all had is a big "WHAAAT." Not only does "The Last Jedi" sound really ominous, but that red color is a first in the franchise!

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'Back When We Were Making The Original, Nobody Cared'

Mark Hamill also reacted to the new title, saying he liked it because it was "straightforward and minimalist." But most of all, he's amazed at the craze that surrounds this reveal, remembering how little buzz there was when he was working on the very first Star Wars movie.

"It's funny, because back when we were making the original, nobody cared."

And who could have known George Lucas's vision would go on to become one of the most popular franchises of all time? Let's just hope that with a title like that for Episode VIII, Hamill will still have business to do in the third chapter of the new trilogy.

What do you think of the title for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi?

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