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(War of the Worlds) is such a mature actress, that one can easily forget that she is just 18 years old.

Well, one won’t forget it since in her next project, the Errol Flynn biopic The Last of Robin Hood. According to Deadline, Fanning will star as actress Beverly Aadland, who was one of the many rather young conquests of the notorious skirt chaser, played by Academy Award-winner .

The Last of Robin Hood will concentrate on the twilight years of the hard-living screen icon, as he approached his end of his life at the relatively young age of 50 in 1959, with his 17-year-old mistress at his side.

The romance between the two stirred quite an uproar back in the days – and would surely do today – as Flynn was accused by Aadland’s mother (to be played by ) to have seduced her daughter at the age of 15. After Errol Flynn’s death, the accusation was confirmed by Beverly herself.

Fanning is an immense talent and , with his rather gradiose yet eloquent acting style seems like the perfect fit for the flamboyant and ever-so- pathetic later-day Flynn.

Seems like The Last of Robin Hood could really be worth our while…

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