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When Fifty Shades Of Grey first came out, a lot was made of the supposed lack of chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Christian Grey, and the fact that both actors were open about using body doubles in that movie's few sex scenes.

But if you're worried that the sex you see on screen in Fifty Shades Darker — which, by the way, is dialled up to eleven for maximum "kinky fuckery", in Ana's own words — isn't, like, totally authentic, you can stop freaking out already.

In a new interview with UK newspaper The Mirror, Dakota Johnson confirmed that, in addition to being actually quite brilliant in Darker (my words, not hers), she's also really quite naked most of the time. Here's what she had to say about shooting those sex scenes:

"[Sex scenes are] always a bit daunting at first. It takes hours and you really have to dissect it and break it down into bits. Then it just becomes work ... Every time is different, but there’s a lot of sex scenes in this film, so you kind of just get down to business."

The best quote of the interview, however...

"No [there was no body double], because it would have felt like a cop-out if I did. If I was going to do this job, I was going to do it 100 per cent and give it everything ... On occasions I’d been simulating sex for seven hours straight, so I’m over it."

'Fifty Shades Darker' [Credit: Universal]
'Fifty Shades Darker' [Credit: Universal]

Actors always say that shooting sex scenes is the least sexy activity on earth, but something tells me dry grinding on Jamie Dornan for seven hours solid has to be at least a little bit fun.

More on 'Darker':

is likely dominate the box office in a way that would make even Christian Grey blush on Valentine's night. Check out this sexy clip from the film up top — or, you know, go to your local theater and spend two hours watching two beautiful people do sexy things to each other. Your call.

Do you think 'Fifty Shades Freed' could be even sexier than 'Darker'?

(Source: Mirror)

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