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Karly Rayner

My inner goddess is jumping up and down in anticipation at the sight of Dakota Johnson all dressed down as everybody's favourite prude-turned-sex-kitten, Anastasia Steele.

Pulling off the '22-year old who has never been kissed' look with aplomb, has released shots of her character rocking some fetching ugg boots paired with decidedly innocent attire.

While Anastasia Steele isn't exactly throwing 50 shades of sexy right now, there are some hints of the naughtiness to come as she bends over to peek into a parked car.

I am still reeling from the shock that is directing this diluted glass of Mom-pleasing BDSM, but I have to say that I have faith in Dakota Johnson as the meek and mild Anastasia.

Source and Images: Dakotajohnsondaily



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