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has had a career resurgence of late, leaving behind his rom-com roots and taking on some challenging and critically acclaimed roles. Gone is the Matthew "Mahogany" that used to be content to get his abs out and lean on things, instead replaced by an actor that has taken on roles in movies as diverse as Magic Mike and Killer Joe. And he's showing no signs of resting on his laurels, with his latest project, Dallas Buyers Club, getting a release date that puts it in a prime spot for award's season, arriving in theaters December 6th.

Dallas Buyers Club saw McConaughey drop 30 pounds to play Ron Woodroof, an American electrician who is diagnosed with AIDS in 1986. The film tells the true story of Woodroof's battle with the illness and his experimentation with underground, non-FDA-approved drugs, which eventually allowed him to live a lot longer than expected. The movie ticks all the Oscar bait boxes, so could this be the role that gets McConaughey a Golden Statuette?

Do you think McConaughey could have a chance of Oscar glory with Dallas Buyers Club?


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