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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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When people look back on 2016 they will say it was a terrible year, a year of mass celebrity deaths, political turmoil and Kanye's meltdown, but what they'll most probably forget is that it was a year of outstanding memes.

From to frogs on unicycles to rappers on breakfast radio Shows, this was the year that had it all. So, quicker than you can say "daaaaaamn Daniel," here are the most searched for memes of 2016.

1. Harambe (RIP)

When a gorilla is shot and killed after a child falls into his enclosure, the world responds by immortalizing him in a million memes. The most searched for meme of 2016? Harambe. Another 2016 angel taken too soon.

2. Daaaamn Daniel

Back in February, the infamous 'Damn Daniel' video (above) went viral and inspired us all to wear white vans. Not even Harry Potter was safe:

3. Pokémon Go

The mobile-based game craze that swept the nation for all of 24 hours, Pokémon Go manage to evolve into more memes than there were Pokéballs to catch em.

4. Dat Boi

Who dat boi? I don't know, but watch him rollin! Watch him go!

5. SpongeBob Caveman

SpongeBob's primate ancestor, SpongeBob Caveman, became the embodiment of our inner animal.

6. Michael Phelps

A look can say a thousand words and judging by the satanic shade U.S. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps threw at opponent Chad le Clos before the men’s 200-meter Olympic butterfly semifinal, it can also spawn a thousand memes.

7. Donald Trump

With great power, comes great responsibility. Or in Donald Trump's case, with great power comes a presidency of guaranteed high quality meme fodder.

8. Making a Murderer

When a Netflix Show becomes so mind bafflingly outrageous that you just gotta express yourself through meme.

9. Ken Bone

Inspiring pizzas made in his name and halloween costumes alike, Ken Bone rose to viral fame after posing a question during the presidential debate. No one remembers what the question was, but his image will live on forever in viral history as the face of a nation.

10. Birdman

After appearing on The Breakfast Club radio show and demanding that the hosts "put some respek on my name," the Louisiana rapper ensured a legacy of memes ensuring that his name always comes with a side of "respek."


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