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It looks like 's The Leftovers will be dished out on HBO.

Vulture reports that the network is moving forward with production on a pilot adaptation of Perrotta's 2011 novel, about the eerie aftermath of a mass exit, which centers on those left behind three years following a Rapture-esque occurrence.

Perrotta and Lost's are behind the drama's script, but we've no news of a director as of yet.

Back in June, Lindelof described his excitement to explore the possibilities of a new television production:

I'm sure there's a certain subset of viewers who watched Lost until the bitter end and will say, 'I'm just not going to put myself through that again,'...But I'm so incredibly magnetized to this concept and the people in this story. It's firing all my creative pistons in a way that haven't been fired since Lost.

Sounds awesome. But, despite Perotta's direct involvement, don't expect the series to stay too faithful to its source material. The pilot will introduce characters and storylines not in the book, because it has to. While the book is rich in detail, it probably only has enough content for two or three episodes.

I hope Lindelof does not listen to his critics, particularly that subset who disliked the ending of Lost, and continues to follow his instincts on what to reveal and not. Does The Leftovers sound like something you'd be into?


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