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Since making the decision to leave Downton, Dan Stevens's career has gone from strength to strength. His transformation is truly remarkable, from chubby Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey to Hollywood hunk in The Guest, onto, of course, his most anticipated role as the Beast, in Disney's live action remake of Beauty And The Beast.

We're inclined to think Dan Stevens's may also be under the spell of an enchantress of his own as he changes himself to adapt to each new role. We give you the full run down of Dan Stevens: the man, the actor and the Beast.


  • Name: Daniel Jonathan Stevens
  • Date of birth: 10th October 1982
  • Star sign: Libra
  • Born: Croydon, Surrey, UK
  • Nationality: British
  • Height: 6ft
  • Eye color: blue
  • Hair color: dark brown
  • Wife: Susie Hariet
  • Children: daughter (Willow), son (Aubrey)
  • Profession: Actor
  • Net-worth: $13million

Stage One: The Downton Years

Downton Abbey ITV
Downton Abbey ITV

Stevens's played Matthew Crawley, the lovable, kind and slightly rotund love interest in the epic Downton Abbey. He took part in three seasons and two Christmas episodes from 2010 to 2012, until Hollywood beckoned and he left Downton, breaking a nation's heart along the way. Matthew suffered many struggles along the way, from being denounced as heir to Downton, to loosing the ability to walk in WWI, to THAT horrific car accident after seeing the birth of his son, George.

Dan made all our period drama fantasies come true, he successfully melted the heart of cold Lady Mary and became the pin up boy of British television. He was the kind of guy you could take home to your grandmother, which made him all the more adorable. Downton fans we saddened and some maddened to see Dan leave, but it's only because he played the character so damn well. Watch below as Matthew finally proposes to Mary, it's utterly charming and completely British.

Stage Two: The Action Star

The Guest
The Guest

Dan sent hearts fluttering in a whole new way in The Guest (2014), Stevens played 'David', a solider who presents himself to a family as the comrade of their fallen son. After he arrives, a series of mysterious deaths start occurring. Very different from Matthew Crawley, who only ever wielded a newspaper, Dan slimmed down, loosing around twenty eight pounds, to play the action star.

Audiences saw a very different side to Dan, forget love notes and declarations of love. Dan gave us muscles, attitude and plenty of ammunition, and God, we loved it. Stevens's successfully shed his Matthew skin and blossomed into a Hollywood name. His American accent isn't too shabby either.

Watch the trailer for The Guest below and see just how far Dan Stevens's has come. Fawn all over his new found sexiness and you'll see how he managed to break out of the period drama trap.

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Stage 3: The Blockbuster Comedy

Taking the role of Sir Lancelot in the movie franchise Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb (2014), Dan gave us a taste of his comedic timing. Playing the role of arrogant yet clueless knight allowed Dan to have some fun. We have to say that mane of blonde was a welcome treat and who doesn't love a man in armor?

Returning to a family friendly genre meant children welcomed back the lovable Stevens and mothers had something to look at when they took their children to the cinema. Win win! Dan's name is now a highly bankable one, he's able to bring in audiences and not just be known as 'the one from Downton'

Watch Stevens's give us his best knight in shining armor, we're definitely ready to climb up on his noble stead.

Stage 4: The Disney Hero


We are stupidly excited for this remake. The highly anticipated live action version of arguably one of the best Disney films of all time, and Dan Stevens is playing the Beast. Disney are continuing to tempt us with teasers and the excitement is mounting. It seems his other roles have all added up to this huge one.

It's movie math, take a sprinkle of Matthew's aristocracy, a smattering of David from The Guest's violent streak and a pinch of Sir Lancelot's arrogance and you've got the makings of one excellent Beast. The movie which is due out March 17th 2017 is already tipped to be a huge blockbuster, thanks in some part to the original Beauty And The Beast, but also due to the legendary casting in the live action movie.

Take a look at this sneak peek of Dan Stevens and Emma Watson at a table reading and you'll hear just how bang on Dan has the voice for the Beast. It's awoken our inner child, but it's also sexy as hell.

We're so pleased Dan has continued to do well as an actor, as once a member of such a phenomenon such as Downton, it's often difficult for actors to shake off those roles. Dan has proved to be a versatile actor with his selection of movies and we continue to enjoy watching him in many different genres. It also helps that he is devilishly handsome and wonderfully nice in interview too. What possible transformation could he have for us next?

What phase of Dan Stevens's transformation is your favorite?


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