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Matt Carter

Long before E.L. James tapped into the carnal zeitgeist with Fifty Shades of Grey, 18th century folk got there own bodice-ripping version of kinky [email protected]%kery from Choderlos de Laclos’ classic novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Known in English as Dangerous Liaisons, Deadline is reporting that the novel is now set to get a small-screen adaptation by the BBC.

A tale of seduction, betrayal and revenge, Dangerous Liaisons follows the sordid exploits of the wealthy French aristocracy who engage in high-stakes games of passion, betrayal and occasional heavy petting.

This latest adaptation is being penned by who was responsible for both the Tony-winning stage play and the Oscar-winning movie from 1988 which starred , and , so the project is in a very safe pair of hands.

Let the bodice ripping begin!


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