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Daniel Craig is so synonymous with James Bond these days, it's easy to forget he can actually play people who don't drink vodka 24/7, creep up on women in showers or fire nuclear missiles from a Rolex.

Craig hasn't actually played another character on the big screen since his turn as Mikael Blomkvist in 2011's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and his next project — the Showtime TV series Purity — has some surprising parallels Stieg Larsson's modern classic Swedish mystery.

Let's take a look at everything you need to know about Purity before it hits in 2017.

What's The Story?

Jonathan Franzen's novel follows a girl, Pip Tyler, on a mission to discover the truth about her father. Pip is broke — not just "no money in the savings account" broke, but genuine "$130k debt, too broke to eat" broke. In one chapter early in the book, she agrees to go to dinner with a date, but can't afford to eat, so she tells him she's not hungry. When she brings him back to her place for sex, she pauses to sneak downstairs for a bowl of cornflakes first.

She's got bigger problems, though — her mother is a paranoid recluse who won't tell Pip a single detail about her father. Pip's temporary German housemate recruits her to join The Sunlight Project (which is basically WikiLeaks), operated by a renowned hacker and "charismatic provocateur" named Andreas Wolf (who is essentially Julian Assange, minus the terrible personality, hideous creepiness or drastic fall from grace). Wolf promises to help Pip discover the truth about her father.

Revealing too much more would be to veer dangerously into spoiler territory, but it goes without saying that things get pretty intense, pretty fast. Oh, and Pip's real name is Purity.

Where Does Daniel Craig Fit In?

Craig plays Wolf (a rare morally-ambiguous role for the Brit), the hacker to Pip's more innocent protagonist, which is quite an interesting dynamic when you consider that in Dragon Tattoo, Craig's Blomkvist was an innocent journalist who teamed up with a hacker to solve a mystery. The two stories are not a million miles apart, which should give Purity quite broad appeal when the first season arrives on Showtime.


Who's Hooking Up With Craig?

Right now Craig's Wolf is the only character cast, but expect more news soon considering shooting will begin in 2017. The twenty episodes will be split into two seasons of ten, beginning either late 2017 or early 2018. If you want to take a deeper dive into the mystery of Purity, do what I did and pick up a copy of Franzen's novel. It's a page-turner, as they say, and if you read it on public transport, people might think you're intellectual.

We'll keep you posted with more news on Purity when we have it.


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