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Traditionally, Abraham Lincoln hasn't fared all too well in theaters, but with 's presidental biopic Lincoln now showing, that looks like it's set to change. The film, which has garnered an Oscar Nomination for Best Picture, has received some pretty rave reviews, especially in regard to 's portrayal of Honest Abe.

It's hard to believe that was originally slated to play Abraham Lincoln. I think it's safe to say that Day-Lewis has now firmly cemented himself as the 16th president of the United States, which is even more impressive considering he's British. The Academy were obviously impressed, as they've nominated him for the Best Actor Oscar. Although Day-Lewis may be up against some stiff opposition, perhaps his recent Golden Globe success could be a prelude to Oscar glory?

Now, thanks to a recent interview with Total Film, we can get some insight into how he approached the character of Lincoln. Day-Lewis explained:

I think there's a great vulnerability which co-exists with his strength. Quite apart from his own tough upbringing, he had a deep sense of compassion and empathy for people and creatures that remained with him throughout his life. It was his essence that those two conflicting things existed side by side, and they probably gnawed at him in such a way that he couldn't have survived, regardless of the assassination.

If you want to read even more, I'm afraid you'll have to get your hands on the current issue of Total Film Magazine, which, unless you live in UK, might be difficult to do.

Do you think Day-Lewis can nab the Best Actor award, or do you think someone else deserves it? Let us know below!


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