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Mark Newton

What's the worst thing about the internet? Cyber-terrorism? Intrusive social networking? Harrowing images you'll never un-see? No. It's fan-fiction. Especially Harry Potter/ fan fiction. There is literally (and I mean that) nothing worse than internet fan-fiction.

Some fantastic (by which I mean fantastically awful) examples of Daniel Radcliffe fan fiction were shown to the Harry Potter star on a recent edition of the BBC's The Graham Norton Show. How did he take it? Well, I think Radcliffe's awkward shuffling and stuttering says it all. If that's not enough, he's then joined by who helps pen their own Radcliffe inspired fan-fiction. Check out the video below:

(via BBC)

See what I mean? One of those fan-fiction stories was over 71,000 words long! That's just using up precious internet that could better be used for GIFs of funny cats. We need to stop this!


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