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There's not a man alive who hasn't at some point dreamt of being bitten by an arachnid and acquiring superhuman skills and a dope costume as a consequence — after all, it's the manner in which Spider-Man gets his powers that makes him one of the most relatable, achievable (kind of) and popular comic book heroes of the bunch.

It should come as very little surprise then, that among the trillions of specimens dreaming that well-crawled wall of a dream is non other than Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe. Yup, five years on from his last performance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. II and Radders is ready to sink his fangs into another, more spandex-filled, franchise. Otherwise known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Daneil Radcliffe's face on Andrew Garfield's body
Daneil Radcliffe's face on Andrew Garfield's body

That said, while he's holding no pretenses about bagging a Spidey gig — the character has been played by Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland, during Radcliffe's 27 years on this planet — that's not to say he wouldn't jump at the opportunity to take another part in the MCU.

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Speaking to Loaded, he addressed the pros and cons:

"It's been and gone, they've done it three times in my lifetime. ... [But] if someone came to me with one of those things and it was good and I was interested then I would totally be up for doing it. But I could also see how from their point of view they might not want somebody who is very recognizably the face of another franchise in their franchise."

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

While I can understand where Radcliffe is coming from, so inundated is the movie industry with franchises that if actors had to stick to just one it would be impossible for them to bag a role at all. So while Spider-Man might not be a viable option, there are a bunch of other characters in the MCU that Radders could be perfect for. And, ones that could be aided by his Harry Potter experience — and those gained through the smaller productions he's worked on since. So, without further ado:

4 Characters Daniel Radcliffe Could Play In The MCU

1. Adam Warlock

Though Warlock's entrance to GOTG2 hasn't been confirmed, it has been heavily rumored and therefore is fair game. Daniel Radcliffe has had plenty of experience working with dark lords, powerful energies and saving the world, so he'd have little trouble projecting these skills to the cosmos. Warlock's main vibe involves harnessing cosmic energy and using it to his own advantage — tapping into the force to enhance his personal strength, traverse space and fly — and anyone who clocked the speed of his flatulent corpse in Swiss Army Man knows this dude can pick up quite a pace.

2. Namor

While we've heard no inklings of Narmor swimming into the MCU anytime soon, there are plenty of untitled projects on the Marvel slate at the moment, so it could be worth holding your breath. Speaking of holding your breath — remember that scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when Potter gobbles a shit ton of Gillyweed, promptly grows gills and webbed feet and becomes a dab hand at navigating the murky depths? Of course you do, and these would be pretty handy skills to have for portraying this Sub-Mariner.

3. Venom

OK, so if he can't play Spidey but still digs the concept of scurrying up brickwork, Venom — Spider-Man's long-tongued archenemy — is probably the most obvious backup. Radcliffe could star as Venom's host body and use his previous forays into shapeshifting (via Polyjuice Potion), becoming invisible (he could just whip out the old cloak) and telepathy (that probably happened) to enhance the symbiote's predominant traits.

Check out Venom in action in the Spider-Man 3 clip below:

4. Doctor Octopus

Alright, so Radcliffe ain't no Alfred Molina — but who said he has to be? He's already proven to be a pretty superb strategist and charismatic leader; lest we forget, he led Dumbledores' Army before that fluffy pink demon stuck her ore in, and basically took down Voldemort singlehandedly. Plus, Hogwarts Charms class was essentially the same as developing the ability of psychokinetic control, so the eight-arms thing shouldn't be an issue. Plus I think he'd look quite fetching in a giant metal hoola-esque skirt, don't you?


Which MCU character would you love to see Daniel Radcliffe play?

Source: Loaded


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