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While many hardcore Harry Potter fans would be willing to sever a limb with a butter knife to preserve the movie franchise's legacy, Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he would erase his entire Hogwarts history in favor of one scene. The movie in question? Yep, that one where he is a festering, flatulent corpse.

I'm gassy and I know it
I'm gassy and I know it

In an interview with The Guardian, the ever-candid star opened up about his proudest cinematic moments and explained how he held a certain scene in Swiss Army Man in such high regard that he would throw his entire Harry Potter history under the bus for it. In Daniel's own words:

You w0t?!
You w0t?!

While imagining that Harry Potter inferno might be enough to give anyone between the ages of six and 70 post traumatic stress syndrome, it's awesome that some of Radcliffe's latest work is also his proudest.

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In the same conversational interview, Radcliffe revealed that at the ripe old hour of 10.35am, he has already been asked about Harry Potter twice by well-meaning members of the press. Luckily, the star doesn't take it to heart that his earlier (and let's face it, sometimes kind of embarrassing) work always overshadows his latest projects, he explained:

"I don’t even notice when people do it [mention Harry Potter] any more. You haven’t mentioned it yet, have you?"

So, if you really want to make Daniel's day, you should probably watch his latest, more experimental work along with bathing in the warm, safe nostalgia of his earlier magical moments. Check out the trailer for the "really beautiful and weird" (Radcliffe's words — not mine) Swiss Army Man below:

What would you be willing to do to preserve the Harry Potter series for posterity?

(Source: The Guardian)


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