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Ever since his debut back in Season 6 of The Walking Dead, Negan has become the greatest villain in the history of the show — and some might say, on television. He's threatened, scared, bashed, beaten and psychologically tormented pretty much every single character in The Walking Dead, but Robert Kirkman's post-apocalyptic universe features more than just Rick Grimes and his gang of merry survivors.

Currently on its third season, Fear The Walking Dead has brought some interesting — albeit controversial — new characters and scenarios into the fold, but none of Fear's villains has ever been a match for Negan and his barbed wire-covered baseball bat, Lucille. So, during this year's San Diego Comic Con panel, when the cast of were asked (yet again) about the possibility of a crossover with , actor Colman Domingo (who plays Victor Strand) found Negan a brand new rival:

Daniel Salazar's pre-apocalypse backstory already makes him worse than Negan by a mile. Prior to immigrating to America, and becoming a barber and a family man, Daniel was a torturer for the Salvadoran Junta. A trained killer, Daniel has offed 96 people so far, and if it comes to defending his daughter, he'll kill many more than that.

Although seems to take great pleasure in enforcing his "no exceptions" rule with the help of Lucille, he doesn't come from a military or even a criminal background. And, according to the comics, before the outbreak Negan was a gym teacher who — despite already showing his bullying and aggressive characteristics — was a pretty plain (I dare say, normal) man.

[Credit: Image comics/Skybound]
[Credit: Image comics/Skybound]

In the event of a crossover between The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, it'd be fair to assume any relationship between Daniel and Negan would be, at least, strange. Firstly, because Daniel Salazar has a really hard time being mislead or used as a warhammer by anyone. Also, Negan hates having his authority questioned (or threatened), which Rick Grimes and his group of survivors painfully learned last season.

Fortunately (or not), according to series creator Robert Kirkman, the chance of The Walking Dead crossing over with Fear The Walking Dead any time soon is highly unlikely:

It seems that, at least for the time being, Daniel will have plenty of time to catch up with his daughter Ofelia after spending a whole season apart in Fear The Walking Dead. Meanwhile, if The Walking Dead's SDDC trailer is any indication, Negan will have his hands full with all sorts of enemies when the Season 8 premieres in October.


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