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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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In a recent interview, new Halloween writer Danny McBride confirmed what most horror fans want to hear: the upcoming movie will be 'scary as hell' and will not be a remake. The idea, McBride tells Cinema Blend, is to go back to the ethos of the first two Halloween movies, by largely bypassing the pre-existent mythology of the later sequels:

''You know, it's not a remake. It's actually, it's gonna continue the story of Michael Myers in a really grounded way. And for our mythology, we're focusing mainly in the first two movies and what that sets up and then where the story can go from there.''

I'm actually very fond of Season of the Witch, but it does make more sense to begin again, especially for a new generation of fans who may not have seen all of the sequels. Halloween III: Season of the Witch is great fun, though!

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McBride, with co-writer David Gordon Green, is aiming for a genuinely frightening picture, rather than the standard slightly comedic tone of most horror sequels.

"Green and I are definitely going to [do] a straight-up horror. Halloween has always been one of my favorite movies of all time. There's a simplicity and an efficiency to that first one that I think allows the movies just to be scary as hell. And so Green and I, our approach is to get back to that."

Let's hope we're looking at more of an Evil Dead than a Leprechaun in the Hood (although I adore both films)! The new Halloween movie is due for release October 19, 2018.


Are you pleased that the new movie will be closer to 'Halloween' 1 and 2 than the later sequels?

(Source: Cinema Blend)


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