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So remember the pretty ascerbic comments that the former Walking Dead writer, Frank Darabont made following the news 'that the creative was off the show'? Well we now have the full interview with Variety and he's still unsurprisingly harboring that grudge.

Frank Darabont

When Variety asked if Darabont continues to watch The Walking Dead, lets just say he didn't hold back:

There’s a deep commitment and emotional investment that happens when you create something that is very near and dear to you, and when that is torn asunder by sociopaths who don’t give a shit about your feelings or the feelings of your cast and crew … that doesn’t feel good.

Frank Darabont

Naturally, Darabont is feeling the pressure to impress with his new show Mob City following his dismissal where Variety describe it as:

A three-week event, [which] is one of TNT’s most ambitious series to date. The net plans to roll out two episodes a week starting Dec. 4, hoping that the condensed six-episode season will generate more buzz in a short period of time, when most of its competitors are in holiday-light mode.

Darabont continued to explain that:

At TNT, there’s not some, unlike other places, vast, inhouse committee of nattering chipmunks, everyone trying to get their point of view injected in the process. It’s filmmaker-friendly.

Well it's good to see that Darabont is happy in his new home at TNT and we can look forward to his new L.A. cops and mobsters drama which will reunite Darabont and former The Walking Dead actor .

Do you think that is right to still be seething over his sacking or should he look ahead to bigger and better things?

If you'd like to read the full interview then head over to Variety.



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