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Over recent years, there seems to have been a trend toward creating messed up, childhood destroying theories based on nostalgic '90s TV shows. Such as the theory all The Rugrats are Angelica's psychotic hallucination, or that Doug suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Mr. Dink — resulting in a later drug addiction.

No show that brought joy to the lives of '90s kids is immune from similar macabre interpretations, the latest being Hey Arnold!, the cartoon featuring everyone's fondly remembered football-headed fourth grader, Arnold. The show told the story of our protagonist and his group of friends as they tackle trials and tribulations in the fictional town of Hillwood.

The targeting the show, made by Reddit user saintdominic, focuses on a character who only has fleeting appearances in : Stoop Kid. Those with fully-functioning memories will recollect a specific episode dedicated toward the character's backstory, in which Stoop Kid was an aggressive and seemingly harmful teen who, it was revealed, was scared to leave his stoop.

This resulted in general mocking from the rest of the children in the neighborhood, until the end of the episode, when Arnold is able to help him overcome his fear. Stoop Kid is then free to roam as far away from his stoop as he wishes.

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Is There A Darker Reason Behind Stoop Kid's Fear?

In the show, Stoop Kid's fear is explained by Gerald, who says he was abandoned on the stoop as a small child, growing up to love the inanimate structure as if it was his own family. However, Gerald is known for frequently telling urban legends, and considering part of his speech claims Stoop Kid may have been "dropped from the sky by aliens," we can take this version of events with a pinch of salt.

Which means there could be another explanation. And saintdominic has been happy to oblige, filling in the gaps with gloomy sludge. The theory claims that Stoop Kid's real step-clinging obligation was, wait for it... because he was being paid to be a look out for a drug operation happening inside the house.

In much the manner of the street kids on The Wire, the theory claims Stoop Kid was bound by fear of miscounting the money made from the sell of drugs, which would've led to brutal punishment. So, thanks to Arnold, he was probably left dead in a ditch somewhere for upsetting a violent drug dealing gang. Hey! Arnold! — So much for a good deed.

A Mysterious Source May Have Supplied The Drugs

Mr Smith's shady outfit in 'Hey Arnold!' [Credit: Nickelodeon]
Mr Smith's shady outfit in 'Hey Arnold!' [Credit: Nickelodeon]

The theory expands to pinpointing the source of the drug supply, identifying the elusive Mr. Smith as the likely culprit. He was the stealth tenant who lived at Arnold's grandparent's boarding house for three years without talking to anyone. He pays his rent through a vault in the floor. Has his meals sent directly to his room.

Although it was suggested Mr. Smith was a government agent, the theory claims all the signs point to him selling drugs illegally. He could even be the person directly responsible for why Stoop Kid became Stoop Kid in the first place.

Yikes! Hey Arnold! hasn't been on air since 2004, but we may get the answers we desperately crave when he returns with a TV movie in November 2017.

Next up in crazy theories: How The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was actually about a satanic cult that used rap music and Carlton's dance moves to lure potential sacrifices. Maybe.


Was Stoop Kid a look out for a drug operation in 'Hey Arnold!'?

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