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The prequel trilogy gave context to several elements from the original Star Wars films. One was the explanation behind Yoda's lack of a lightsaber when we first meet him in Empire Strikes Back. Near the end of , Yoda fought Palpatine in the Senate's Convocation Chambers. After a fierce and evenly-matched battle, the Emperor managed to separate the Jedi Knight from his elegant weapon.

Overpowered, was forced to flee and leave his lightsaber behind. That explained why the wise Jedi was only seen with a cane in the original trilogy, but here's the thing: Did you ever wonder what actually happened to the lightsaber after that? Well even if you didn't, we finally have the answer.

What Exactly Happened To Yoda's Lightsaber?

Marvel released a new comic book series, written by and drawn by Giusseppe Camuncoli. The first issue takes place right after the ending of Revenge of the Sith, and it goes into detail about the fall of the Jedi.

The Empire was built on a lie, painting the Jedi as tyrants and oppressors, and putting the Emperor and Vader as liberators. Darth Vader #1 shows us the development of that idea. At one point in the comic, the Grand Vizier of the Empire, Mas Amedda, gives a speech to the people of Coruscant about the Jedi coming to an end:

"The Jedi are gone. The Emperor saw through their separatist plots. Their lies. He survived their attempt to assassinate him. And now, at last, we are safe."

Following that speech, a group of clone troopers gathered lightsabers from the various executed during the dreaded Order 66, and tossed them into a furnace. Before burning them, Amedda took out Yoda's lightsaber and proclaimed:

"An age of freedom!"

Mis Amedda holding Yoda's lightsaber  [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Mis Amedda holding Yoda's lightsaber [Credit: Marvel Comics]

He then throws it into the furnace. The lightsabers exploded, creating a beam of light due to their kyber crystals.

Right about now you may be thinking Franco, that lightsaber may look like Yoda's, but it could've belonged to any number of Jedi Knights. That's not the case, though. Over on Twitter, a fan asked Soule whether or not the lightsaber Amedda was holding actually belonged to Yoda; Soule responded in the affirmative:

So there you have it, that's what happened to Yoda's lightsaber. While the weapon's ultimate fate is quite heartbreaking, it's comforting to know there doesn't have to be much speculation about where it ended up, or its future relevance. Had it not been destroyed, it would probably have wandered around the galaxy for someone to find, just like what happened with 's (and then Luke's) lightsaber.

What do you think about the fate of Yoda's lightsaber? Are you happy with the explanation? Let me know in the comments!


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