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Toy Story 2 is partly associated with its Empire Strikes Back homage, when Buzz Lightyear learns the sad truth that the Evil Emperor Zerg is actually his father. While that may not be the case entirely, what we do know is that the folks over at the Nukazooka YouTube channel created a masterpiece that must be seen to be believed. Somehow, they were able to take and Star Wars and blend them together to make an incredible video.

Make sure you wait until the ending. You won’t be disappointed.

The Amount of Work Put Into The Project Is Out Of This World!

These fans must have had such a fun time crafting this video. The amount of passion, work, and dedication it must have taken to make this should not be understated. Buzz's costume alone is something to marvel at.

Just read the quote that’s listed on their page by the creator:

“This was a bit of a passion project for me. I love both Toy Story and Star Wars, so it was a dream to combine the two. Hope everyone enjoyed it!”

I certainly did and I hope you all did, too. I mean, just take a look at some of these effects:

'Darth Vader vs Buzz Lightyear' [Credit:]
'Darth Vader vs Buzz Lightyear' [Credit:]

The wrist blaster from Buzz Lightyear’s arm is extremely powerful and takes by complete surprise. Buzz's blaster has nothing against Vader's lightsaber, however. Throughout the video, the two continue an epic battle that promises a fight for the ages. The action absolutely delivers as Buzz actually puts up a fight against the evil Sith Lord.

Vader even uses his famous Force choke on the poor guy:

'Darth Vader vs Buzz Lightyear' [Credit:]
'Darth Vader vs Buzz Lightyear' [Credit:]

You can’t help but feel bad for this guy as he’s being pulverized into the side of a hill. Vader, of course, mentions the full power of the dark side while also quoting Buzz’s famous phrase in a menacing tone: “To infinity and beyond!”

The result isn’t surprising as Vader ends up winning by igniting Buzz’s jet pack sending his (dead?) body into outer space.

'Darth Vader vs Buzz Lightyear' [Credit:]
'Darth Vader vs Buzz Lightyear' [Credit:]

But The Ending Is Pure Genius

After crash landing on earth, we see a shadowed cowboy figure approach, who then lifts up Buzz’s foot to reveal his owner and realizes they belong to the same boy.

'Darth Vader vs Buzz Lightyear' [Credit:]
'Darth Vader vs Buzz Lightyear' [Credit:]

Not only does Woody take Buzz home, but he also makes sure to have some extra batteries on hand. Thankfully, he had some to spare and places them in Buzz’s jet pack. This was a fantastic ending to a wonderful tribute to both and Toy Story fans. The way the creators were able to meld the universes together was a stroke of genius. I cannot wait to see what other videos they have in store for us.

Take a look at all the times Star Wars has been referenced in other franchises, too:

What did you think of the video? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to check out Nukazooka’s YouTube channel!

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