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Move over Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Hollywood has a new superstar to wrestle with. The latest in a line of wrestlers-cum-actors done good, is hot property at the moment. From roles in to , the 48-year-old is certainly flexing his muscles to prove that he is more than just beef and brawn.

Now, Bautista has spoken out on his time with James Bond and who he could see replacing the titular spy if the situation should arise. While Bautista doesn't fancy squeezing into a tux and an Aston Martin himself, he did offer a sage casting choice for who could replace in the role of 007.

Think Fass

Speaking to PopBuzz, the strongman revealed his choice for the man behind the moniker — but no, it wasn't fellow buff babe Tom Hardy:

"It's really hard but I think there's been talks of Idris [Elba], I think that'd be really interesting. Tom Hardy, I think that'd also be interesting. Fassbender, I think that'd be my first choice, I think Michael Fassbender."

Fassbender seems like a peculiar choice, with the duo having never worked together — in fact, Bautista hasn't worked with any of the names he mentioned. I half expected him to say Chris Pratt, but he thankfully didn't. Fassbender definitely has the suave charm of Bond and can pull off a pretty decent British accent, so you can certainly see it working. The X-Men actor is right up there in terms of CV as the rest of the rumored names for a recast, while his upcoming dual role in Alien: Covenant promises to show the actor's continuing versatility.

As for Craig, the actor has flip-flopped between leaving the role and coming back on board for another entry, while fans are still in the dark on WTF is happening with the next Bond film.

Bautista did however say that he would pick Fassbender at a push and didn't want to see Craig depart from the role he has played since Casino Royale in 2006:

"It's really hard for me to answer that because I'd hate to see anybody else as James Bond right now...I think he's brilliant. I think he's the best Bond since Sean Connery, (no offense Pierce [Brosnan], I love you, man). "

Don't Hinx It

Bautista has previously revealed that he would love to return to his role as the stoic Mr. Hinx from 2015's Spectre, but that it would depend on Craig's involvement too. We last saw Hinx, he was being pulled out the side of a train and uttering his only line of the film, "sh*t." Hardly Oscar-winning stuff, but Bautista's return as the deadly henchman would be welcomed by most.

As studios and directors frantically bid for the popular British franchise, news on whether Craig will return for Bond's 25th outing has slipped onto the backburner.

Certainly with Craig advancing in years, without sounding ageist, his tenure as the deadly spy must be coming to an end soon. Names like Fassbender, Elba, and even Tom Hiddleston have been throw into the ring for months now. Elba has been been dropping subtle hints that he could be next in line, while Tom Hardy would love to work with Christopher Nolan on the series. What you can be sure of though, is that a license to kill also pretty much gives you a license to print money. Who ever takes on the part of wooing ladies and swilling vodka martinis will be playing one of the true icons of cinema.

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