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To say that Suicide Squad left a lot to be desired would be an understatement. Sloopily edited, with a weak plot and meandering direction, at times it seemed like the only thing keeping the movie afloat was the great acting and fan-fave comic characters. And what characters were they! With everyone from Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, El Diablo, Rick Flag, Katana and the Joker, the antihero team up film was set up to be one of the most exciting DC projects in recent years. That said, it made sense to absolutely no one why director David Ayer would choose to sideline the Joker by making Enchantress the villain of the film. Now, it seems that the director regrets that decision very much.

The Joker Over The Enchantress

'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

In a recent Twitter conversation with fans, Bright director Ayer talked about how he wished he'd let Joker be the villain of the film after a fan told him how much he enjoyed the film.

While it was certainly nice to see a female villain in the superhero world for once, Enchantress was poorly written: with no motivation to speak of, Enchantress was little more than a bikini model and yet another CGI sky-beam. It didn't help that her screen-time was reduced in reshoots, making her less-than-impactful role a disappointment for comic book fans. Add in the controversial CGI that digitally altered the already slender Cara Delevingne to look even slimmer, and the villain became the weakest part of Suicide Squad.

The fact that Ayer made Enchantress the villain wouldn't be too big a deal had the movie not featured, arguably, the greatest comic book villain of all time, the Joker. Reducing the Clown Prince of Crime's role to a possessive boyfriend didn't work for the critics or the fans. And now it seems even Ayer has taken this criticism to heart.

That said, if David Ayer is still developing Gotham City Sirens (the director has been suspiciously silent on that front), this would be the perfect opportunity to bring back the Joker and use him as a threat against Harley, Selena and Ivy. But despite Ayer "agonizing" over this, we can't say that making Joker the villain could have solved all the film's problems.

What do you think folks? Should Joker have been the villain of Suicide Squad? Write to us below.


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