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For many superhero fans, Suicide Squad is perhaps one of the worst superhero films of all time. The David Ayer-directed movie was released in 2016 to harsh reviews and although the film did end up making more than $750 million dollars worldwide, it's a movie which has left a lot of fans unsatisfied. Recently a fan decided to use Twitter to insult the Fury director, and Ayer ended up reading his tweet and responding to it.

In the tweet, the fan wrote

"hopefully you'll never do a dc movie. That is why Wonder Woman did great! You suck ;)"

And while Ayer could've ignored him or even defended himself, he chose to make light of the situation, humorously telling the guy to keep himself in check.

Despite the glaring flaws in 's Suicide Squad, the film did an excellent job of setting up the characters from the comics, giving them a place not just in the DC Universe but also in pop culture. It's certainly nice to see Ayer give credit where it was due and as the director is attached to the upcoming Gotham City Sirens for Warner Bros. we can hope that he draws inspiration from Jenkins in ensuring that the female supervillain movie is something truly special.

This incident also shows the bar has set for all DC movies. The record breaking superhero movie, is being sent to the Oscars for consideration and was just recently lauded by Rotten Tomatoes as the best superhero film of all time. With all that going for the film, it's no wonder directors like Ayer are struggling "to suck less." Let's just hope that the director's second time directing a DC film (whenever it may be) is much less divisive.

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