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must really like Don DeLillo. As if the director’s basically word-for-word adaptation of the author’s novel Cosmopolis wasn't proof enough of this 'DeLilo crush', Cronenberg sealed the deal by signing on to star in what sounds like a creepy European thriller based on the author's short story, The Body Artist.

According to Variety, Cronenberg is cast in an unspecified role in Body Art, which centers on a widow who finds a stranger in her upstairs room. If this wasn’t creepy enough, the intruder changes shape every time the woman enters the room.

is set to play the widow, while presumably plays the strange, shape-shifting man.

Having been freaked out by both actors on numerous cinema going occasions – was one chill-inducing vixen in The Piano Teacher and in Holy Motors was... well, you better see for yourself - I can only find the casting appropriate. It remains to be seen who Cronenberg’s going to play. Taking into account the nationality of the actors involved - two French, one Canadian - we presume that the movie will be filmed in French, although IMDb tells us otherwise.

On the director's chair sits , who made the critically acclaimed I am Love, starring .

On a side note: 's earlier films (The Fly, Videodrome etc...) were often subsumed under the genre of 'body horror', hence his starring in a film called 'Body Art' will probably make many a film theory major quite happy.


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