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The Truth is Out There! More specifically it will be at the San Diego Comic Con International in Ballroom 20 on Thursday at 3:30pm. That's right, the SDCC blog has just confirmed an X-Files 20th Anniversary Panel which include both and .

We already knew Anderson had confirmed her attendance, but this is the first confirmation she will also be joined by Duchovny. Attendants will have the chance to listen to Agent Mulder and Scully reminiscence about the X-Files, while also potentially looking to the future. It's no secret that both Anderson and Duchovny are major advocates for another X-Files movie, and I can almost guarantee some fan will ask a question regarding the movie rumors.

Anderson is also down to appear at Friday's X-Files comic book panel for IDW, but there's still no news if Duchovny will join her.

What do you think? If you was at the X-Files panel, what question would you ask? Why not ask it below, there's a very slight possibility that Anderson and Duchovny might stumble across this article... Unlikely, but technically possible...

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