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Tino Jochimsen

Over his long and prosperous career has written and produced many highly succesful and influential TV shows, full of neurotic people struggling with the trials and tribulations of the modern world. From Ally McBeal to Boston Legal, the television mastermind navigated between humor and kitsch like a drunken skipper - not always on course but full steam ahead!

But Kelley failed (quite miserably, if i9 is to be believed) when it came to bring his special brand to a superhero series with a certain busty vigilante in 2011.

The Kelley scripted Wonder Woman pilot depicted the titular heroine as a modern woman struggling to balance her private and workday life with the duties that came with being a crime fighting vigilante. A slightly more lethal Ally McBeal, if you want. NBC didn’t want any of it, the pilot never became a series and , who starred as the heroine, now can deliver a ‘failed pilot’ reminiscence à la Mia Wallace on her next date.

But Kelley, whose new project, Monday Mornings, is premiering on TNT in February, seems to have digested his failure quite well, showing himself at ease with the new attempt at launching a different Woman Woman series by the CW. Talking to The Hollywood Reporter he 'wished them well' and stated that he believed that the format could work on The CW.

We do agree and how couldn’t we, considering that Arrow does so well. But a question remains: As Amazon will focus on Diana of Themyscira’s early days of crime-fighting, are we up for getting a The Carrie Diaries meets Smallville here, instead of an Ally McThemyscira?


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