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It's a well-known fact in Hollywood that director is a little out there, and more than a little demanding. Extremely demanding, actually. He regularly shoots dozens and dozens of takes for his scenes, leading some actors refusing to ever work with him again.

But Fincher may be going above and beyond even his own standards for crazy in the production for Gone Girl, according to the Southeast Missourian via Indiewire. The newspaper recently wrote a story about tagging along for a day of shooting in Cape Girardeau, and spoke with longtime Fincher producer Cean Chaffin, who said that the 20 takes the paper saw for a chase scene involving dozens of extras was actually on the low end for the shoot, where Fincher was averaging a mind-boggling 50 takes per scene.:'s an odd business. A lot of times it's more like doing construction than painting a picture.

Fifty takes per scene is flat-out bonkers. Just bonkers. But Fincher has expressed before that he wants the words coming out of his actor's mouths to feel natural and lived-in, that he embraces a natural approach rather than earnestness. So far, it's working for him, so why fix what isn't broken? Even so, it's understandable that a few thespians have decided 'thanks, but no thanks' after working with him.

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