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Who would have thought (Fight Club, The Social Network, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) would have been such a game-changer in the TV world? He executive produced and directed the first two episodes of Netflix's 'House of Cards', which went on to revolutionize how new shows are brought to viewers. Both critics and audiences fell hard for the top political drama and a second season is now on the way - though sadly Fincher may not be directing any episodes in this season.

Fincher has now found another British TV show he's eager to bring stateside. Director Marc Munden and producer Rebekah Wray-Rogers of Channel 4 hit show 'Utopia' revealed at the Serie Series festival last week that HBO had bought the US rights to the show and that Fincher has expressed interest in producing the US version.

Utopia centers on five fans of a mysterious cult graphic novel, The Utopia Experiments, which has gained fame for having predicted global disasters. When the fans meet in an online forum, they are given details of a rumored sequel - just hearing about this endangers them as an organization called The Network have employed two hitman to track down anyone with knowledge of the sequel. The hitmen begin leaving a trail of dead bodies behind...

The graphic novel's fans include student Becky, troubled teen Grant, who adopts a cocksure cityboy trader character online, IT consultant Ian and conspiracy theorist Wilson.

Let's get one thing straight - nothing's signed and who knows, maybe it won't happen, but all the same, that Fincher's name is attached to the project suggests it's going to be an extremely high-class do-over. The original creators are shooting for the moon, hoping to get Rian Johnson to pen the remake. Rian Johnson is one of the hottest names on the writing circuit - he's penned critically-lauded films like Brick and Looper, directed episodes of Breaking Bad and won the Special Jury Prize for Originality of Vision at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival with Brick, so he's an ambitious choice on the part of the Brits, to say the least.

Check out the trailer below:


Anyone who's watched this already - how well do you think this will do in the US? And if you haven't watched this, would you?


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