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Outside of its initial casting choices and the movie's R rating, not much is known about the upcoming Hellboy reboot, titled Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen. This in turn has left fans of Big Red wondering how exactly the new Hellboy movie will differ from the first two movies from director Guillermo del Toro. However, the reboot's star recently gave some hints about what people could expect from Hellboy's upcoming gritty return to the big screen - and how the film plans to utilize its R rating.

Hellboy Falls to the Dark Side

'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]
'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]

David Harbour, who'll be taking over from Ron Perlman as , explained to MTV News how the new film will handle it's R rating, incorporating themes of violence and horror that are rarely seen in a mainstream comic book movie.

"It goes R not for reasons of nudity. It goes R for a bit of gore and horror, but also a bit of just the mature aspect of it, the mature themes of it. Just that we’re dealing with complicated subjects."

In the comics, Hellboy and his allies at the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD) fought some of the worst creatures imaginable, but del Toro's movies toned down their brutality to attain a PG-13 rating. Now that the Hellboy movies are aimed at an older audience, viewers can expect a visceral and horrifying world for Hellboy and company to operate in.

It's also good to know that Rise of the Blood Queen won't simply feature gore and explicit sexual scenes just for the sake of it.

'Hellboy' [Credit: Columbia Pictures]
'Hellboy' [Credit: Columbia Pictures]

The man responsible for portraying the fan-favorite Chief Hopper in Netflix's Stranger Things doubled down on this claim by saying that the upcoming reboot is a character piece rather than a generic action-adventure.

"It’s a real character piece. Of course, it has huge action elements to it, but we’ve modeled it somewhat on Shakespeare. I mean, it’s a bit like Hamlet. It really is this study of this man going through this horrible conundrum and we really get to go in deep with him."

Though Rise of the Blood Queen won't have any ties to the previous Hellboy movies, the influence of del Toro's movies is undeniable. One of the best aspects of the acclaimed director's Hellboy movies was its characterization of the titular character. Hellboy (Ron Perlman) being torn between by his choice to either be humanity's protector or the harbinger of the apocalypse as Anung un Rama deepened his character, and it's good to know that a similar theme will be felt in Rise of the Blood Queen.

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'Hellboy' [Credit: Dark Horse Comics]
'Hellboy' [Credit: Dark Horse Comics]

For a number of fans, the only thing lacking in del Toro's Hellboy movies was the horror that was prevalent in the comics. Though most fans enjoyed these films immensely, del Toro's take on the character and his adventures were lighthearted when compared to the source material - which included cannibalistic monsters, unspeakable horrors from the netherworlds and a surprising amount of blood.

While an R rating for a comic book adaptation may come off as forced to some, this isn't the case for Hellboy. The Hellboy comics were always filled with gory and disturbing elements inspired by Gothic literature and pulpy movies, and it's good to know that the title's latest adaptation will be going back to its roots.

If Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen is as mature as Harbour promises, then the reboot could do for Hellboy what Logan did for Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). Throughout Logan, Wolverine transformed from a badass with some baggage into a full-fledged tragic hero. Hellboy getting this treatment isn't just something to look forward to, but something fans of his printed escapades will undoubtedly appreciate.

What do you think of Hellboy's new darker and bloodier approach? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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