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For those still hot under the collar about dragging out of the fiery depths of hell and rebooting from the era, fear not, we are here to (once again) try and tell you that everything is going to be OK. We all know that Stranger Things star will be chomping on cigars and showing an affinity with cats in the graphic novel adaptation, and with every passing day, he looks more and more like the right man for the job — sorry, Perlfans.

We have seen fan art, fist fittings, and even movie posters, but there are still some pining for to turn his two Hellboy movies from 2004 to 2008 into a full trilogy. While that version of Hellboy is very much like the character of Professor Broom — i.e. six feet under — it is time to look to the future and what Marshall and Hellboy creator have in store for us in 2018.

I've Got Buns, Hun

Love it or loathe it, Hellboy aims to bring the man bun back in fashion in line with the character's signature look. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Harbour confirmed that he was growing his hair out for a very special reason:

“Ultimately, they’ll probably use a wig but I’m going to let this go [strokes hair] and I’m going to try and do the man bun this summer. So if you see around New York in a man bun just know that I’m not from Brooklyn, I’m actually just working in my weird subconscious way on Hellboy.”

Once seen as a fashion faux pas for rich soccer players or just general douchebags, you could argue that Hellboy himself was ahead of the times in fashion. First drawn back in 1993, our leading demon has always sported that greasy little ponytail hanging off the back of his head. With the Perlman films also including the title character's luscious locks, so why would the reboot be any different?

Growing your hair may not seem like a big deal, and as Harbour said, they could easily use a wig. He is clearly investing a lot of his energy in actually becoming Hellboy, which may have something to do with the fan backlash at him taking over from Perlman. The camps are still divided on whether Harbour is right for the role, but even if Hugh Jackman's name was up there in lights, there would still be those against any casting. Perlman literally embodied the role of Anung Un Rama, and despite being in only two films, the part sort of became his. However, if Perlman himself can even accept his successor, then the naysayers should too!

A New Dawn, A New Day

At least Marshall and co. are aiming for another faithful adaptation of the source material; there will be no reimagined pink Hellboy and Abe Sapien won't be swapping his uniform for some Zack Snyder steampunk apparatus. Something like a man bun may seem like a trivial thing to keep in mind, but the "demon" is in the detail. With Mignola on board, we could arguably get an even more accurate version of the characters than in the Del Toro franchise.

Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen is rumored to have a script based on the Queen of Blood from Mignola's 2008 comic arc "The Wild Hunt," and has been fast forwarded into production. Still aiming for release sometime next year, the wheels are clearly in motion, even if Harbour seems to be the only member of the cast so far. Either way, Harbour's tenure as Big Red certainly sounds like it will be a "hair-raising" experience for all involved.

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(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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