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When Hellboy made his 2004 cinematic debut through Guillermo del Toro's artistic vision, fans of the character were exhilarated to witness Ron Perlman's comic-book accurate representation of the anti-hero. However, as neither Perlman nor del Toro were able to return for a third film due to budgetary constraints and scheduling conflicts, the franchise was ultimately rebooted with Neil Marshall in the director's chair and David Harbour as Hellboy.

Despite creator Mike Mignola's intentions to bring Hellboy closer to his R-rated origins, fans weren't particularly pleased with his decision, as they were also aware of del Toro's eagerness to complete his trilogy with Hellboy 3. Ron Perlman's rendition of Hellboy was also still fresh in fans' minds, so many devotees weren't ready to accept the talented David Harbour in the same role just yet.

However, with a single tweet, Harbour has silenced the naysayers about his capability to pull off the role of Hellboy – at least in the looks department – and has reestablished a sense of enthusiasm after a barrage of controversies that the filmmakers recently faced.

Although Mignola and Marshall decided to veer away from the character's PG-13 cinematic portrayal to a version that is suitable for adults only, it looks like they have stayed true to his original comic book appearance. It's also great to see Harbour sporting the mane of hair that he had promised, bringing his interpretation of the child of Azzael closer to its roots.

Despite being in its pre-production phase, the image has excited Hellboy fans about the movie's future prospects, causing them to express their joy online.

Fans Are Loving David Harbour's Version Of Hellboy!

David Harbour had a substantial fan-following after starring in Stranger Things, and the reactions to this photo suggests that he has cemented his place within the Hellboy fandom too. Although some fans might have glaring similarities to Ron Perlman's version, the general consensus regarding Harbour's iteration is overwhelmingly positive.

Although the reboot initially caused fans concern, it's certainly relieving to see David Harbour pull off the classic Hellboy look and satisfy fans in one sweeping action. As the filmmakers have also dealt with the white-washing controversy by hiring Daniel Dae Kim as Ben Daimio, it looks like they're open to solving these issues immediately. Although the movie is slated for a 2018 release, the additions of Ian McShane as Professor Broom and Mila Jovovich as Nimue the Blood Queen shows that Neil Marshall's Hellboy could be a roaring success.

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