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This article will contain a few Stranger Things SPOILERS, so if you've yet to see Season 1 then a) you're a mouthbreather, and b) you probably shouldn't read any more. Go, RUN!

While getting information from the Duffer brothers in regard to Stranger Things Season 2 can feel a little like trying to pull blood from a stone or communicating with a long lost family member via a shoddy set of IKEA fairy lights — these are the guys who tried to hoodwink us into thinking Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell were on board — pulling strings from David Harbour's head doesn't seem to be quite as tricky a task.

Earlier this week, Harbour — who you'll probably know better as the brooding Chief Jim Hopper — spoke at Build Series, a live string of interviews courtesy of AOL, and mused for almost 40 minutes straight over the fate of several integral characters and what he feels Hawkins, Indiana could feel like when we return in 2017.

David Harbour via Build
David Harbour via Build

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If you've been keeping up to date with your Stranger Things gossip, you'll probably remember the internet losing its collective shit at the end of last month when the Duffer's hinted to EW that the show's biggest star, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), wouldn't be coming back.

Millie Bobby Brown a.k.a Eleven
Millie Bobby Brown a.k.a Eleven

While talking about things left unresolved at the end of the first season (so, everything, basically) and the time-gap left between seasons, Ross Duffer said:

“I think we talked like a larger time jump where the kids are older now and it’s a different decade. That’s something we batted around from the very beginning. But for us, there’s still more story here [in the 1980s], there’s still things that are unresolved ... “We don’t know about Eleven. We leave that up in the air.”

Excuse me?! While we smelled a rat — they couldn't possibly blast her off into the abyss so soon after becoming an international star, could they? Would they? — I must admit they had us a little worried. Thankfully, Harbour's around to pull our heads out of the Upside Down to basically say, of course not, stupid:

“I will tell you that there’s no way you can create a character as iconic as Eleven in our show and kill her at the end of Season 1.”


Barb looking delicious in Stranger Things via Netflix
Barb looking delicious in Stranger Things via Netflix

And Barb? What's the deal with that plaid-plastered chick that was munched by the Demogorgon shortly after cock-blocking her best friend? Will there be some "justice" for her, Harbour?

“Apparently the creators have assured me there will be justice for Barb in Season 1, which I don’t know what that means. But I will disappoint you in I’m pretty sure she’s pretty dead. I don’t know that Barb will be coming back, but there will be justice.”

Hmm, interesting... any guesses about what form that justice could come in? Could she re-animate and show Steve what's good, perhaps? Or more likely, will Nancy start giving less of a f*ck about hanging with the cool kids and start wearing more knitwear? Who knows!

David Harbour in Stranger Things
David Harbour in Stranger Things

As for his own character, Jim Hopper, Harbour talks us through the process of shaping the character into the Eggo Waffle-dropping badass we were dealing with in the last episode.

“This guy hates children. He drinks. He pops pills. He kind of makes fun of people, he’s kind of a jerk. Then I wanted you to see that that schtick that he’s developed came out of place of real personal tragedy in his life. And then you can have more compassion for him ... Hopper himself was struggling, and he battled this demon and saved this child, and he goes into season two with more of that confidence. So hopefully that’s where we start the story, and we’ll see where it takes us.”

Harbour in Stranger Things
Harbour in Stranger Things

As with any show garnering such insane levels of success in its introduction, maintaining the hype isn't going to be easy. While we all seem to be unanimously agreed that the first season was great in spite — or rather, because of — its imperfections, that charm will be hard to replicate as the series expands along with its budget.

Luckily, that seems to be something the cast and production team are taking on board, Harbour acknowledges:

“The polished nature is something that we have to struggle with or at least incorporate into our process….. We’ll probably have a little more money in the budget, and I think that we have to acknowledge that, as opposed to trying to fight against it and trying to pretend. But it’s going to be a challenge, because I think part of the clunkiness of season one…is part of what gives it its charm. "We’re going to have to find something in season two that’s more extraordinary, and I don’t even know what that is yet. But it can’t have pretend clumsiness. We do know what we’re making now.”

That level of self reflection certainly bodes well, but for now we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed!

Check out the interview in full below:

What would you love to see in the next installment of Stranger Things?

Before you leave, check out the Stranger Things Season 2 teaser trailer:


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