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What do you think about the state of modern cinema? Are we in a golden dawn of blockbuster brilliance, or is the industry being systematically stripped of original and exciting creativity? Well, according to movie-making auteur , the current situation in Hollywood is pretty "depressing".

Perhaps this explains why we haven't seen a new major film from Lynch since 2006's Inland Empire? Or perhaps no one will finance any ideas he does have? Lynch recently caught up with The Independent to give his opinion on the state of the movie industry. He explained:

It's a very depressing picture. With alternative cinema – any sort of cinema that isn't mainstream – you're fresh out of luck in terms of getting theater space and having people come to see it. Even if I had a big idea, the world is different now. Unfortunately, my ideas are not what you'd call commercial, and money really drives the boat these days. So I don't know what my future is. I don't have a clue what I'm going to be able to do in the world of cinema.

Well, he's probably not wrong. Money does make the world go round, and it's exactly the same for the movie industry. Why do you think we're getting so many remakes and reboots? It's because studios can use the already present brand recognition to give their movies a boost and make marketing easier. But having said that, the market responds to demand. If more people paid to see indie movies, there would be more demand for their production. Perhaps the truth of the matter is that simply too few people pay to see movies which lack big budget appeal.

What do you think? Is Lynch right, or are these still great times for cinema? Let us know below.


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