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, we miss you. So yes, you opened a nightclub in Paris (the aptly named Club Silencio) and you're always doing your bit to promote Transcendental Meditation. And that's all well and good - you've cornered a niche as a meditation expert/nightclub owner. But we miss you as a filmmaker and we haven't heard from you in a while! Did you forget our numbers or something? Have you fallen out with us and forgot to tell us? Cause we think you're a swell guy, and y'know, where are you?

So, word on the street has it that Lynch may, sort of, possibly, maybe finally release Ronnie Rocket. Ronnie Rocket should have been his second film, the one he went on to make after Eraserhead.

What's it about, you ask? We'll let the good folks at Wikipedia summarise it for us:

Ronnie Rocket concerned the story of a detective seeking to enter a mysterious second dimension, aided by his ability to stand on one leg. He is being obstructed on this quest by a strange landscape of odd rooms and a threatening train; while being stalked by the "Donut Men", who wield electricity as a weapon. In addition to the detective's story, the film was to show the tale of Ronald d'Arte, a teenage dwarf, who suffers a surgical mishap which leaves him dependent on being plugged into an electrical supply at regular intervals; this dependence grants him an affinity over electricity which he can use to produce music or cause destruction. The boy names himself Ronnie Rocket and becomes a rock star, befriending a tap-dancer named Electra-Cute.

Umm. Does this sound amazing or what? As you might remember, after Eraserhead he shifted to The Elephant Man instead, but this was always bubbling along nicely in the background. So much so that he even had Hollywood legends like and (Dune, Blue Velvet) ready to produce at different points, but somehow the film never got made.

So, at this point you’re thinking, why are you even talking about this? Good point, buster.

Recently Lynch was interviewed by Bomb, and when asked if that movie was even a possibility anymore, he said...YES!

Hold on, though. He was worried that the idea might be too out of date to work so finding locations might be a headache.

'But Ronnie Rocket is set in the world of the smokestack industry, and this is a world that doesn't exist anymore. It was still really alive in the '50s and '60s, but this industry is going away. And then a thing happened. This thing called graffiti. Graffiti to me is one of the worst things that has happened to the world. It completely ruined the mood of places. Graffiti kills the possibility to go back in time and have the buildings be as they were. Cheap storm windows and graffiti have ruined the world for Ronnie Rocket.'

Ok, and let's not be coy – Lynch had some doubts about the actual film itself. " was never made partly because I didn't feel it would go over, and partly because I feel the script needs more work," he added.

Hmm! perhaps we're not getting this movie anytime soon, but don't despair. Right at the very end of the Bomb piece, the interviewer refers to a 'new movie' Lynch is working on, and Lynch doesn't deny this. This builds on news we received earlier in the month that Lynch's daughter Jennifer Lynch had said an interview with Obnoxious and Anonymous blog:

'...I wanna see this next movie he’s trying to make. Which is mind boggling.'

So maybe we're going to be reunited with our good friend David Lynch sooner than we think! What sort of direction do you hope he'll go in next? Sound off below.


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