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We all know that something is coming. The Douglas firs are whispering, the Log is muttering incomprehensibly, and now David Lynch has posted something cryptic on Twitter. Check it out:

Tricky, right? But it gets murkier. Dedicated fan site Welcome to Twin Peaks uncovered a mysterious website that has a countdown calendar overlaid on that same cinemagraph shown in the Tweet! Check it out here at

Screenshot of
Screenshot of

The timer will run out next Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 8:00 am, EST, but what exactly are we counting down to?

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Is It Mulholland Dr. Or Twin Peaks We're Talkin'?

First things first, the quote Lynch used in his tweet is from Mulholland Dr. When Betty convinces Rita to take a walk down Mulholland Dr. to see if there was an accident, she says:

"Come on. It'll be just like in the movies. We'll pretend to be someone else. I want to walk around anyway. I'm in Hollywood and I haven't even seen any of it. Come on Rita. Do you feel up to it?"

Betty and Rita in 'Mulholland Dr.'
Betty and Rita in 'Mulholland Dr.'

However, while Mulholland Dr. did make it to the No. 1 spot in the BBC Culture ranking of the 21st Century's Top 100 Movies just this past August, there've been no whisperings about a possible reboot or reimagining (and, please, may it stay that way). But since Twin Peaks Season 3 is just around the sneaky corner, could this announcement be about its early 2017 premiere date?

What Does It All Mean, Lynch?

Well, I'm no Log Lady (R.I.P.), but I'd wager we're in for some sort of announcement. Mulholland Dr. was originally conceived as a spin-off show for Twin Peaks' Audrey Horne, imagining her going to Hollywood. However, the pilot was rejected and eventually Lynch made it into the masterpiece feature-length movie that we know and are afraid of. Could it be that he's got the TV bug after wrapping Twin Peaks? Is it happening again?

Consult your logs and let me know what you think is going on in the comments!

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