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Imagine Batman, the world's greatest detective, embedded in a world of ice and fire. The seven kingdoms would never be the same. With his trademark wit and innovation, The Dark Knight's indomitable will would soon have the likes of Jaime and Cersei Lannister on the back foot as he sets upon his path of Gothic justice.

If that sounds like the weekend binge session of your dreams, then join the club, because Gotham's David Mazouz feels the same way. When asked from a fan at a Heroes & Villains Fan Fest what show he would like to see the cast of Gotham cross over with, he had only one answer.

I Choose Game Of Thrones

'Gotham' [Credit: Fox]
'Gotham' [Credit: Fox]

If people were previously on the fence regarding this young Bruce Wayne's credentials, his choice of a super mashup proves even a young Bruce Wayne has bad-ass tastes. In response to the question, he answered:

"I would love to see a Gotham/Game of Thrones crossover."

It gets better. With an impending batarang of surprise on its way, he then broke into his future Michael Keaton/Christian Bale (sorry, Affleck) Batman voice with

“I am of House Wayne! I’m here to take the North…after I save Gotham.”

Sounds like David Mazouz has some other ideas about who the King of the North should be. No doubt it would be a phenomenal crossover, even if it's not the first time DC has done something this crazy. DC has seen many stories intersect with the Gothic narrative over the years, including: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Judge Dread, and the whole Marvel universe in JLA/Avengers.

What About Gotham And Westworld?

'Gotham' [Credit: Fox]
'Gotham' [Credit: Fox]

We haven't seen all the locations in Westworld as yet. What if one of the options was to live out your fantasies as a DC character in Gotham? The possible storylines are nearly too many to fathom. What path would you pick? Imagine living out the scenes from Frank Miller's, The Dark Knight Returns. The Joker goes completely postal in Frank Millers iconic showdown between his adversary, Batman. In a Gotham-themed park, choosing the Joker would immerse you beyond the limits of normal morality, but how far would you go?

If you could dream up your ideal Gotham crossover, what would it be and who would you choose?


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