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When David Mazouz first put on Bruce Wayne’s tailored suits in 2014 to play the young billionaire in Gotham, viewers quickly developed a sort of kinship with him, and for good reason — he’s managed to bring out the best and the worst in Batman by portraying him in equal doses as tortured yet naive. He can portray all his various polarities, without any one of them overwhelming the other. Needless to say, Mazouz easily became a fan favorite.

Three years later and a few days ahead of Season 4, it looks like he’s ready to take on the next step by joining the — or at least by wanting to.

Mazouz has recently expressed interest in joining the DC Extended Universe, not as a younger version of Ben Affleck’s , but as Bruce Wayne’s illegitimate son, Damian, who in the comics later takes up the mantle of Robin right after Tim Drake. Check out David’s tweet below:

Now, TV and movie franchises belonging to the same comic book studio typically do not cross, and neither do their respective actors, so it seems unlikely Mazouz would even be considered for the shortlist — assuming President of DC comics Geoff Johns even wants Damian in the future Batman installments. But casting him would certainly be an intriguing choice.

It would be interesting to see how he changes things up from young Bruce to Damian, what he’d change, what he’d keep, and why. Bruce and Damian already look exactly alike as both children and adults, so it’s just a matter of tweaking the personality and the smallest nuances of it. After all, it’s not often an actor gets to play both the father and the son, or just Bruce and one of his children. One can imagine it must be fun, or an enjoyable exercise in creativity.

I would certainly think twice before shooting him down though, especially after seeing this concept art of Mazouz as the hotheaded Damian Wayne, drawn by the brilliant Jao Picart (don’t forget to click right to see Mazouz with the mask):

He is getting older fast, though, so if they’re going to cast him as Damian, they better do it now.

Do you think playing Damian is in the stars for David? Do you think he is a good fit for the role? Meet me in the comments section to discuss!


Who do you think should play Damian Wayne in the DCEU?


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