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Fans of The Walking Dead (so, everyone) will appreciate the pretty great interview Den of Geek! has over on its site with actor , the man behind the Governor, and chief antagonist of the show.

SPOILER ALERT: The full article contains spoilers for anyone who hasn't yet seen Season 3, Episode 8 of the show, so read it in its entirety at your own risk.

Morrissey opens up where last season left off, and discusses the possibility of the birth of the comic book Governor:

I think the look is certainly there from the comic books, but I still think the Governor has a little bit more complexity going forward than in the comic. He is someone whose humanity is closing down very rapidly and I think he will act on that. But what's been great for me so far in the series is how it's surprised people. They both hate him and love him and they don't know where they are with him. They find him repellent but also they're attracted to him [laughs] and I think that sense of uncertainty about the character will continue. I don't think he will ever become, hopefully, totally evil.

He also discusses the dual nature of the Governor/Rick Grimes relationship, and how they are essentially two sides of the same coin:

I think the difference really, certainly at the beginning of this season, is that the Governor has time. What he's done by creating this oasis of Woodbury is he's bought himself time, time to think about the future, time to enjoy what they've got. They can have parties and gatherings and they can eat and they can drink and you can leave your door open and your kids can run outside without you having to freak out about what's happening, so that security that he's created buys him time to relax and plan.

Rick is constantly on his toes, he doesn't have time, he's just trying to get through that day. That's the difference between the two men. But as far as looking after their people is concerned, they're both similar, that's their priority, to look after the people around them. The "Rickocracy" that Rick talks about at the end of season two, I think that they governor has a sense of that as well, in that sense of saying "It's my way or the high way, this is how you're going to be, you can take your chances in Woodbury with everything we have or you can go out there and basically die amongst the undead", that's what he's saying. So it's a stark choice that people have with Woodbury, but in that world, I know where I'd rather be.

The conversation soon turns to speculation about Doctor Who and if we can expect to see him pop up in the Tardis again any time soon:

Ah, I'd love that. I would absolutely love to do it again. I had such a ball doing it. Mark Gatiss says, you know, there's nothing more blissful for him to write than "Interior TARDIS: Day" or whatever on the top of one of his scripts, it's living the dream. And for me, when I went down and worked on it, I thought "This is great", it's a really well-run show, people take it very seriously but you have fun on it. And l loved that character, I really loved Jackson Lake, I thought he was a really interesting man, he was in some sort of trauma himself and the Doctor liberates him from that...

Had being involved in something like Doctor Who prepared him for the high-profile role of the Governor, which requires utmost secrecy when the press rumor mill starts churning?:

Yeah. Like The Walking Dead, Doctor Who's a very well-loved show, so the press was excited about it and it was very positive. But when I did State of Play, when I did The Deal, there was always that sense of press interest around it, which is great for me, but I don't live my life like that. It comes from my work, which is okay.

The Walking Dead is different in the sense of that Twitter world, and I'd never been to Comic-Con before and that was a very interesting world to step into, so that's all a bit new for me, that sense of the world.

And finally, how he feels about Comic-Con coming up again and whether or not he'd be down for another appearance:

Yeah, I mean, that was such a blast, both of them actually, the one in San Diego or New York both were such fun so I have no problems doing that again, it was fantastic.

You can click here to read the interview in its entirety. It's a bit lengthy, but well-worth a read for fans of The Walking Dead and Doctor Who alike.


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